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Oil & Energy Investing. Refined.
Opportunity Highlights:
  • Annual Return: 7.9%
  •  Term: 1 Year Contract 
  •  Income Immediately 
  •  Existing Oil Production 
  •  Minimum Amount: $50,000 
How it works
The Company secures loans to acquire mature Oil Wells that are actively producing and have been divested by Larger Oil & Gas companies. 

After purchase, the Company then enhances the value of the wells through work-overs, improved operations and secondary tertiary methods.

While many companies focus on oil exploration and drilling; this Company purchases existing production or under-performing wells where they will enhance and ultimately increase production and profits.

This brings tremendous opportunities to the marketplace.
  • Short Term
  • Decent Rate of Return
  • Monthly Income
  • Mitigated Risk
Robert Eldridge
This is NOT:

A Securities Product

Oil Exploration or Drilling

Or, Call Me Direct:  1.800.643.7544 ex 101
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